Desert Encrypts 2

July 25

Marfa Book Co. presents Desert Encrypts, a series of performances co-organized by multidisciplinary artist,  musician,  composer  and improviser, Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground Duo, Black Cube SP, Exploding Star Orchestra) and Tim Johnson.

Desert Encrypts brings four internationally acclaimed artists to Marfa,  TX (July 25-28, 2019) for a series of exhibitions and performances, including the premiere of the second part of Rob Mazurek’s ongoing composition, Desert Encrypts: Volume  2.  

There will also be a presentation by John Corbett, author of the forthcoming book, Pick Up the Pieces: Excursions in Seventies Music, whose previous books include Microgroove: Forays into Other Music, and Vinyl Freak: Love Letters to a Dying Medium.

Nate Cross of Astral Spirits Records will spin records and will host a party for the record release of Desert Encrypts Vol. One, a gathering of performances from last year.

Coming  from Berlin,  Philadelphia, and Marfa,  this  new  quartet  includes:  Rosa Barba (projections), Rob Mazurek (compositions,  piccolo  trumpet  and electronics),  Chad  Taylor (drums),  and  Jan St Werner  (electronics).  This  world-class  quartet  will  premiere  Desert  Encrypts:  Volume  2 .


Rosa Barba  “Rosa Barba’s work is a subtle interrogation into and co-option of industrial cinema-as-subject, via various kinds of what might be understood as “stagings”—of “the local,” the non-actor, gesture, genre, information, expertise and authority, the mundane—and removals from a social realism within which they were observed, and which qualifies them as components of the work, to be framed, redesigned, represented. The effect of which her work contests and recasts truth and fiction, myth and reality, metaphor and material to a disorientating degree, which ultimately extends into a conceptual practice that also recasts the viewer’s own staging as an act of radical and exhilarating reversal – from being the receiver of an image (a subject of control) to being in and amongst its engine room/s, looking out.” – Ian White

Rob Mazurek  has  been  reshaping  modern  music’s  cutting  edge  for  the  past  three  decades.  He  is  co-leader  (with Chad Taylor)  of  the  Chicago  Underground  collective,  and  director  of  Exploding  Star  Orchestra.  His  compositions utilize traditional,  graphic  and  electro-acoustic  techniques  and  strategies,  which  have  consistently  pushed  the  limits of modern music.  A  recent  All  About  Jazz  review  remarks  “Rob  Mazurek  has  spent  years  exploring  less  tangible  parts of the universe,  seldom  seen—or  heard—by  others.  In  the  process  he  has  laid  claim  to  a  space  of  his  own.”
Chad  Taylor  has  been  redefining  the  way  drums  can  be  approached  for  over  twenty  years.  The  Wire  remarks that Taylor’s  “deftness,  imagination  and  formidable  technical  skill  make  his  playing  a  joy  to  listen  to.”  All  About  Jazz describes  his  latest  solo  recording,  Myths  and  Morals,  as  “a  lively  dialogue  with  the  vibrant  sounds  of  the  world. The music  acknowledges  the  masters  that  have  been  here  before  while  searching  for  new  sounds  in  a  language  that is both  personal  and  universal.”
Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars, Lithops, Microstoria, Von Südenfed) has been at the forefront of forward thinking electronic music for over twenty years. As an artist concerned primarily with sound as a sculptural material, St. Werner has also exhibited his work in museums and his numerous collaborators include Rosa Barba, Markus Popp, Mark E. Smith.


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